The Project

The Australian Dance Project is a unique, new program aimed at blending Dance Workshops and Intensive classes with learning English to support your Dance Career.

Developed by Peta L Lowry, Founder & CEO of Australia Consulenza and English in Soriano, and Gioia Tarulli, Italian Dancer, Dancer Teacher & Choreographer, The Australian Dance Project is set to launch in Summer 2015.

Partnering with some of Australia’s finest Dance & Theatre Companies and Dancers & Choreographers, The Dance component of the Project will enable you to experience first hand Australia’s dynamic dance industry, as well as providing you with the opportunity to meet and work with Australian Dancers who share your passion and desire to broaden their Dance horizons.

In 2014 Gioia Tarulli spent 3 months, travelling between Melbourne and Sydney presenting the concept of The Australian Dance Project to various Dance Industry governing and industry bodies, private dance companies & studios and meeting with a number of Australia’s top Dance Groups and Choreographers.

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that our Project was fully supported by everyone we met and has generated a lot of interest and offers of involvement.

Gioia is now busy finalising the actual schedule for the Project to determine the best use of this support.  Discussions are underway and timetables are being adjusted to ensure we are able to provide participants of our inaugural project the best possible exposure and connection with as many Australian Dance Companies, Groups, Studios, Dancers & Choreographers as possible.

Our Dance Project partners and supporters include:


Paul Malek, Transit Dance Company, The Sydney Dance Company, The Australian Ballet, Bangarra Dance Group, Tap Dogs, Chunky Moves, The Studio, Melbourne Tap Company, Sydney Theatre Company and the Victorian College of Arts.


Roberta Fontana, Poalo Stantilli – Balletto di Roma, MAC (Molinari Arts Centre) Rome, IALS (Istituto Addrestramento Lavoratori dello Spettacolo) Roma

The English Language Program has been specifically developed to support participants in their desire to follow their careers as Dancers in the competitive Dance, Theatre and Entertainment industries.

Focused on developing English language skills and expanding vocabulary the program is designed to support participants as they follow their dreams and passion in Dance.

This unique, intensive English language program is being developed and delivered by RMIT Worldwide English with the support of the University of Technology Sydney.

Our project also provides Seminars and Workshops on Career Planning and Development, provided by Dance industry specialists and Professionals within the Dance Industry in Australia.  Information on working and studying in Australia will also be provided with seminars on Working Holiday Visas, Study Visas and other Visa options.


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